Fundraiser Procedure

All organizations fundraising on behalf of Ashland Public Schools students must follow this procedure for approval of each fundraiser being run. If you have any questions, please call our Business Office at (508) 881-0156.

1.  The applicant should read and comply with Ashland School Committee Policy JJE on Fundraising.

2.  The applicant must fill out and submit a Pre-Approval Fundraising Form at least two (2) weeks before the start of the fundraiser.

3.  If approved by the building principal it will then be forwarded to the Business Office. 

 The Assistant Superintendent will approve or deny the request and notify the applicant via email.

  If approved, the Business Office will update the information on the District Fundraising Calendar on the APS website.

6.  Within one week of fundraiser’s end date, applicant completes “Accounting Summary of Fundraiser” and submits the form to the Business Office.

7.  The Assistant Superintendent reports fundraiser outcomes to the School Committee quarterly.

District Fundraising Calendar 2020-2021