School Closing FAQs

Safety/Emergency/Inclement Weather
School Closing Information
by Superintendent James Adams

Snow Day and School Cancellations 

Please find below the process that is undertaken when determining closings, delayed openings, and early dismissals. I have also included the websites and television channels you can tune into should the weather dictate the need. 

Snow days, delayed openings, and early dismissals, oh what fun it is to be a superintendent. It is important to note that every decision made is done so with keeping student, faculty, and staff safety as the primary component. This being said, the decision to cancel, delay or dismiss, is very much a collaborative effort. 

When snow or poor weather is forecast, I communicate directly with Joe Richardson our Director of Facilities, Doug Small, Ashland’s Director of Public Works, Chief Alfano of the APD, Chief Robie of the AFD, and Ms. Donna Walsh from Connolly Bus. In addition, many discussions occur with superintendents from surrounding towns. We will not always get it right (nor do the forecasters) so in any situation, if you feel your child is not going to be safe, please exercise parental discretion to keep them home. I know I would with my own children. 

Generally we will make a determination by 5 a.m., as school buses need to be canceled, parents need to find child care, and television channels need to be contacted. I encourage families to always have a back-up plan in mind, especially with early dismissal. 

As I stated earlier, decisions will be made collaboratively and with student, faculty, and staff safety as the main component. The decision to close, delay, or dismiss early is and will continue to be most challenging. Please recognize that whatever decision is made, comes from much thought, deliberation, and collaboration. 

Here are some websites you may want to have handy: 

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