• Building Committee Members

     Mindess School Groundbreaking Ceremony (12/8/2021)

      Michael Herbert
    Town Manager

      Paul Kendall
           SBC Chair & Ashland School Committee Member

      Yolanda Greaves  
           SBC Vice Chair & Select Board Member

      James Adams
           Superintendent of Ashland Public Schools

      Chris Mathieu
           Director of Finance and Operations 

      Michael A. Caira, Jr.
           Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

      Paul Carpenter
           Director of Technology
            Ashland Public Schools & Town of Ashland
      Jon Murray

           Director of Public Facilities, Ashland Public Schools

    Todd Kittelson
           David Mindess School Assistant Principal

      Melissa Mercon Smith
           Program Consultant & Former Director
            Ashland Extended Day 

      Nicholas DiGiovanni
      Ketan Joshi
      Michael Kane
      Christopher Lee
      Timothy MacKay
      Tilak Subrahmanian

          Community Members

  • Building Project Team

    Owner's Project Manager - Compass Project Management

    Michael Quinlin

         Senior Project Director

    Jeffrey D'Amico
         Project Executive

    Bob Tucker
         Site Construction Supervisor

    Contractor - Shawmut Design & Construction  

    Ryan Lynch
         Project Executive

    Phil Conroy,
         Project Manager

    Designer - Flansburgh Architect, Inc.

    William Beatrice
         Project Manager

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