Grade 8 to 9 Transition

  • This is the beginning of an exciting time for an 8th grader. It’s the entry point into the unknown, the “high school years." We hope these will be some of the best years of your life!  This timeline gives you an idea of what to expect as you prepare for freshman year at Ashland High School. We're looking forward to your arrival!   


    • AMS teachers make recommendations for course selections for each 8th grade student.

    • AMS students are given a tour of Ashland High School during school hours. 

    • AMS students are given a tour of Keefe Technical High School during school hours.

    • An 8th Grade Transition Parent Night is held at AHS in the auditorium. 

    • Students and parents review and approve recommended courses, and add elective requests. Review the Program of Studies for course descriptions.

    • Scheduling for incoming freshmen begins at AHS. Placements are reviewed by counselors, teachers, AHS departments and administration.



    • Summer assignments (if applicable) are posted on the AHS Counseling Department website.

    • Do your summer work. Don’t leave it for the last week of vacation!

    • If you are planning to play a fall sport at AHS make sure you have an up-to date-physical. By the time of tryouts you must have had a physical within the past 13 months or you will not be eligible to try out. 


    • Tryouts begin for fall sports. Check the Athletic Department website for dates.

    • Attend Orientation. Details will be sent home over the summer. This orientation is a time to become familiar with where your classes are located, find your locker and get the general layout of the building.