Freshman Year

  • Freshman year is a year of adjustment with exposure to a new building, new people, and new expectations.  The first few months are all about getting to know your new surroundings and working with the staff at Ashland High School.  We are here to help you make the adjustment. 



    • Tryouts begin for fall sports.  Check the Athletic Department website for dates.  Make sure you have an updated physical in order to participate.

    • Attend Orientation. You will receive details over the summer.  This orientation is a time to become familiar with where your classes are located, find your locker and get the general layout of the building.


    • Develop positive relationships with your school counselor and teachers. We can help you achieve your goals!

    • You will participate in Freshman Counseling Seminars the first two months of school during your Wellness class.  Students will be given a Naviance registration code in order to set up a personal username and password. Naviance is the primary tool you will use as you research and create your post-high school plans.

    • Build a flexible schedule allowing for study time, extracurricular activities, and your other interests. Use a daytimer, calendar or electronic organizer to help keep you organized.

    • Become part of your school and community with meaningful extra-curricular activities that you enjoy: clubs, work, sports, and volunteering are all worthwhile activities that will help you become a well rounded individual. 

    • Begin looking into Community Service opportunities. Students need to complete a minimum of 25 hours of community service before the start of senior year.  In order to be selected as a member of National Honor Society during your junior year, substantially more community service hours are required than the AHS requirements for graduation.

    • Bookmark the Naviance website on your home computer and/or download their app for your smartphone.



    • Read, even when not assigned for school, on a regular basis.

    • Organize your notes, tests and quizzes for your first round of midterms in January.


    • Continue to earn the best grades you can.  Meet with teachers regularly.  They are here to help you.
    • Complete your course selections for sophomore year.


    • Evaluate your course selections to make sure they meet college requirements.  Talk to your school counselor and teachers to make sure you are taking the most challenging but realistic courses you can.

    • Find out about summer jobs and how to gain the skills necessary to obtain one.


    • Make your summer plans. 
    • A work permit can be obtained by contacting the AHS school counseling secretary, Ms. Blank.  Students must have a commitment from a specific employer before requesting a work permit.