Virtual High School (VHS) Courses 2024-2025

  • Ashland High School is proud to participate in the Virtual High School Global Consortium (VHS), the worldwide leader in collaborative online education and professional development. This program allows our students to enroll in courses not offered at Ashland High School and complete them online.  It is a win-win opportunity for those ready for an additional challenge.  Check out the VHS catalog by visiting and clicking on "View Catalog" at the top of the page.

    "Frequently Asked Questions" about VHS and registration for VHS classes at Ashland High School

    Who can enroll?  Any student who will be in grades 10-12 can enroll.  A successful VHS student is able to work independently, budget his or her time well, complete work on time without supervision, and have the initiative to seek assistance when needed.  A student who has earned a grade below 70 in any marking period in the year prior to their request for VHS may be determined by the Site Coordinator to be a poor candidate for VHS and have their application withdrawn.

    Do we offer VHS for summer school make-up work? Yes.  Students must contact VHS for details about their schedule and costs. 
    How about courses just for the fun of it?  Absolutely!  VHS is specifically for students seeking to learn more about a subject not offered at AHS and who are looking forward to experiencing the joy of learning about things they're really interested in!

    How many students can enroll in VHS at Ashland High School, and how will they be selected?  We can enroll 15 students each semester for the 2024-2025 school year.  With the exception of Advanced Placement classes and a few others, most VHS classes are for a half year and are assigned either 1st or 2nd semester.  If demand exceeds 15 classes each semester by 3:00 pm, Friday, April 26, 2024, all applicants will be chosen by lottery for the 2024-2025 year.  Get your application in before 3:00 pm on April 26th if you feel a VHS class might be right for you!  Applications can be turned into Mr. McGann in the counseling office, or e-mailed or shared at
    How often can you take a VHS class in a school year?  Outside of extraordinary circumstances, students will be allowed only one VHS class during their enrollment at AHS.  If an unfilled seat still exists, a student who has taken a past VHS class may be considered for it. 
    How many VHS classes are you allowed in your entire AHS career?  Enrollment priority each year is given to students who have never taken a VHS class before.  If there are empty seats still available the day before VHS classes begin, returning VHS students may request them on a first come/ first served basis, and will be assigned at the discretion of the Site Coordinator.    
    When is the "initial enrollment period" and how does enrollment work after that?  The initial enrollment period ends at 3:00 pm on April 26th, 2024, and selection will occur by lottery if necessary (see above) after that.  Students may apply for a VHS class at any time prior to the start of a semester, as long as space is available.  A "waiting list" is created after 15 students for each semester are selected from the April 26th deadline pool.  If a lottery is necessary to choose the 15 VHS students each semester, students who lost in the lottery will have first priority on the waiting list.  Students who apply on time during the initial enrollment period, but who lose the lottery and are wait listed and do not get into their VHS class for that year will be given first priority for that class in the next school year. Students who know what VHS course they want are encouraged to submit completed applications to the VHS Site Coordinator as soon as possible before April 26th, 2024.  Seats available after April 26th will be assigned from the waiting list at the discretion of the Site Coordinator.
    How long do the courses take?  Most classes are half year, semester classes.  AP classes and a few others last the whole year.

    Do they appear on one's transcript?  VHS classes taken through Ashland High School appear on your AHS transcript and grade reports the same as your AHS classes.  The same rules that apply to regular AHS classes apply to VHS classes as well.
    What about GPA and Class Rank?  VHS offers CP, Honors, and Advanced Placement classes.  They count towards GPA and Class Rank just the same as AHS classes do.

    Do they count as a graduation requirement?  VHS classes count as electives towards your graduation requirements.  They cannot count to satisfy minimum English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Arts, or Wellness credits, unless special circumstances exist and are approved by the principal.

    Can they be substituted for core courses?  No, unless special circumstances approved by the principal exist.
    Can I take a VHS class in a subject that's also taught at AHS?  No.  VHS is designed to expand the course offerings at Ashland High School.  You will not be able to take a VHS class in a subject that is also taught at AHS, unless a course conflict or special circumstances exist that are approved by the principal.

    How do AHS students get help if they have a problem with their VHS class?  VHS students communicate with their instructors electronically through what are called "private threads".  This is kind of like e-mail, but is done by logging in to your VHS class. VHS students will communicate with each other in a similar manner, in what are called "discussion forums".  If a VHS student still has difficulty with his/her class after communicating with the teacher through a private thread, they should contact the "Site Coordinator".  Mr. McGann is the Site Coordinator for AHS.
    What do I do if I have questions about VHS?  See Mr. McGann!  He can help you determine if VHS is right for you, answer questions about the application process, help you understand their course offerings, and otherwise be your link to a successful experience with VHS!  
    How do I start?  Fill out a VHS Application, also available in the Counseling Office, and return it to Mr. McGann by the above deadlines.