Tina Fitanides, Secretary

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Tina Fitanides has lived in Ashland for 20 years with her husband and two children and has served on the Ashland School Committee since 2021. Her children attend Ashland Public Schools, and she has been an active volunteer in the school system, serving on various site councils and volunteering with the PTO, AEFI, Clocker Club and the Ashland Music Association. Tina is a Special Education Attorney with more than 15 years of experience helping families with children with special needs. She counsels and represents parents as they navigate the special education process with a goal of ensuring students receive the services and support they are entitled to. She works with families through all aspects of the special education process, including mediation, litigation at the Bureau of Special Education Appeals and settlement negotiation.

Tina's term ends May 2027, and she can be emailed at TinaFitanides@ashland.k12.ma.us.