Ashland Public Schools Leadership Team

  • The central office administrators provide leadership and management of district issues. Ashland Public Schools work in partnership with parents, teachers and community members to achieve the goal of academic excellence.



    Administrators Contact List

    If you have any questions about the operation of the Ashland Public Schools, contact the administrator responsible for that area. You are always welcome to email Director of Finance & Operations Chris Mathieu with any questions or concerns. 


  • Michael A. Caira, Jr., Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

  • Chris Mathieu, Director of Finance and Operations

  • Jennifer Taylor, Director of Counseling & Social Emotional Learning

  • Paul Carpenter, Director of Technology

  • Jonathan Murray, Director of Public Facilities

  • Kevin Anderson, Athletic Director

  • Regina Wilkinson, Director of Nutrition Services

  • Brittany Hawkins, Director of Student Services

  • Esmeralda Casas, Media and Communications Director

  • Christy Arnold, Director of English Language Learner Programs