Residency Requirements

    Students must be residents of Ashland to attend Ashland Public Schools. Temporary residence in the Town of Ashland for the sole purpose of attending the Ashland Public Schools will not be considered residency.

    The parent or guardian must provide proof of primary residence. After a student is registered, you must immediately notify the school of a student's change of address and submit proof of residency again.

    Because residency can and does change for students and their families during the academic year, Ashland Public Schools may continue to verify residency after the commencement of classes.

    Please submit one document from each column below: 


    Proof of Residency

    Proof of Occupancy

    Proof of Identification

    One of the following required:

    • Recent mortgage payment

    • Property tax bill

    • Fully signed and executed lease and/or rental agreement the names of the children listed on the document

    • HUD lease or another public housing lease (Section 8)

    • HUD settlement statement

    One of the following required:

    • Cable/satellite TV bill

    • Electric bill

    • Gas bill

    • Water bill

    • Home/renter’s insurance

    • Excise tax bill

    • Home phone bill (not cell)

    * All bills must be dated within the past 45 days with the name and address clearly stated.

    One valid photo identification from the following list is required:

    • Driver’s License

    • State ID card

    • Passport

    • Military ID

    • Other government-issued photo ID



    The proof of residency policy does not apply to homeless students and families covered under the McKinney-Vento Act. If you are experiencing unique living arrangements, contact Student Services at (508) 881-0155 or bhawkins@ashland.k12.ma.us.


    Residency Affidavit

    If you are currently living with family or friends and cannot provide the above documentation, submit a Residency Affidavit. You and the owner/renter of your current dwelling must complete the Residency Affidavit and both signatures must be notarized. A notary is available in our office and requires the person to be present. The person with whom you are living must submit Proof of Residency, Proof of Occupancy and photo identification.

  • New Student Registration Process

    If you meet our residency requirements, can provide a Residency Affidavit or meet the McKinney-Vento eligibility guidelines, you may begin the new student registration process.


    Step 1: Download and Complete the Registration Packet

    To register new students, download and complete the Student Registration Packet for each child being registered.


    Step 2: Collect Required and Additional Documentation for Registration

    Required Documents

    Gather these documents and have them ready by your registration appointment. The Student Registration Center will make copies and return all original documents.

    • Valid proof of residency

    • Valid proof of occupancy

    • Original birth certificate with a raised seal

    • Valid photo proof of parent/guardian identity

    • Most up-to-date student immunization record

      • Students with no immunization documentation may not attend class.

      • Kindergarten students with no immunization documentation may attend the orientation meeting but cannot begin school until data is submitted.

    • Copy of physical exam completed within 12 months prior to the first day of school or doctor’s appointment for a physical exam

      • Copy of physical exam must be submitted to the school nurse by October 1 or within 30 days of starting school or the student will be excluded from school.

    • Lead screening for Pre-K students

    • Lead screening and vision screening for Kindergarten students


    Additional Documents

    The following documents are not required for all students but may apply to your specific student's registration process.

    • Guardianship papers or Notarized Caregiver Authorization Affidavit

    • Residency Affidavit

    • Copy of Student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP)

    • Copy of Student’s 504 Plan

    • English Learner Records

    • WIDA ACCESS Scores

    • Transcripts

    • Bus Transportation Form

    • Free and Reduced Lunch Application Form

    Please visit the Registration Documents and Forms section to download these forms or for more information.


    Step 3: Submit Registration Packet and Additional Forms

    When each registration packet has been completed, and you have completed any additional forms for your child, you can email them to Central Registrar Lila Boutaghou at registration@ashland.k12.ma.us. Please do not scan or send copies of your birth certificate or any other confidential documents via email.


    Step 4: Meet with the Registrar

    You will be contacted to schedule an appointment to meet with the Central Registrar once your registration packet has been received. We kindly ask that you wait for an appointment, as walk-ins are not recommended.

    Please bring all required documents to your appointment, as well as any additional documents that pertain to your child's specific situation.